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Solar-Powered Clean Water

Aid agencies can tap solar energy to clean polluted water

SunDWater of Israel has developed new technology to use concentrated solar power to purify water, according to a report in the Jerusalem Post.

The low-maintenance system would be ideal for deployment in rural areas of Africa, Asian and South America, company officials said.

“The system works by pumping any source of contaminated water through one pipe into the top of a parabolic dish, which follows the sun throughout the day,” the article reported.

“As the boiler heats up the contaminated source, the water evaporates, leaving the pollutants behind.  Pushed out of the boiler with pressure, but remaining in a closed system, the vapor is then recondensed back into cleaner water.”

The equipment, priced at $16,000, would generate up to 400 liters or more than 105 gallons of water each day.


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