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LONDON - SEPTEMBER 16: The view from the sunspace inside the show home in the eco village on Helio Road in Wallington,Surrey which had its doors open to the public for London's Open House weekend on September 16 in London, England. The urban eco-village BedZED project was the first of its kind, based on the environmental principle, 'zero energy,''zero carbon emissions'. (Photo by Cate Gillon/Getty Images)

Zero Energy Homes

Homes that use zero energy - ready for explosive growth?

Zero energy homes are at the heart of a California experiment drawing national attention, according to a report in the New York Times.

It represents one of the largest tests of whether the effort is ready for national prime time, experts said. The homes will rely on a mix of rooftop solar, advanced water heaters and other energy efficiency measures.

“The question that we’re trying to answer is, ‘Can it be done for everyone?’” Ram Narayanamurthy, at the Electric Power Research Institute, which is doing the study, told the Times.

California aims to have all new residences be net zero in four years.

The Department of Energy has verified that 700 homes in the country now qualify as zero or close to zero in net energy use, the newspaper said.

At the center of industry research on this front is the question of how a raft of new technologies and products interact.



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